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Welcome To Greendale Rotts

A.K.C. Greendale's Here Comes The Sun

A.K.C. Greendale's Cinnamon Girl

A.K.C. Greendale's Harvest Moon

A.K.C. Greendale's Dark Star

A.K.C. Greendale's Long May You Run

A.K.C. Greendale's Comes a Time

A.K.C. Greendale's Waltzing Matilda

A.K.C. Darla Vom Hause Jaras


Our Rottweiler Story


In 1987 we bought our first Rottweiler. She was a wonderful girl. Her name was Nicki. She traveled all over the USA with us over a couple of years. She was the reason that our love for the Rottweiler became part of our lives.

She lived a long and healthy life and when she passed away we were heart broken. We knew that the Rottie was the breed we loved so we purchased our second Rottweiler puppy.

Our second Rottweiler was named Kaptin and he grew to a very large size. He was a difficult Rottweiler but he taught us that we can love, work with and cherish a strong minded Rottie. We lost him in August of 2009 and once again had that empty spot in our hearts.

I immediately started looking for a Rottweiler online. I checked out Rottweiler Rescues but wasn't having any luck. I then found our new boy we call Moose for sale.

We named him Greendale's Four Strong Winds with the A.K.C.

He was 16 months old and exactly what we wanted. He has been a joy and many of the pictures on this web page are of him. We look forward to a great life with Moose.

Sunny ~ 11 Weeks Old

January 2012


On January 7th, 2012 we added a new Rottweiler Puppy to our family. Her name is Sunny and is Moose's daughter. We named her Greendale's Here Comes The Sun with the A.K.C. I have added pictures of her to our web site too.

Oreo ~ 11 Weeks Old

Born ~ June 16, 2012

Oreo is the daughter of Moose and Nikki.

We welcome her into our wonderful family of Rotties.

Buffy is Oreo's sister and we are pleased

to add her to our family of Rottweilers.

Click on the Photo Link to see more pictures of our wonderful Rottweilers.

Recent Photos